Kids Dental Kare has a myriad of services to choose from. These service’s are offered to demonstrate that Kids Dental Kare has the most complex and comprehensive Pediatric Dental care in the industry.

Kids Dental Kare uses only, the State of the art equipment known in the industry. By using the Digitally based equipment Kids Dental Kare has seen vast improvement in efficiency, and overall quality of care that we can deliver to our clients. We also understand the importance of keeping our ecosystem and environment healthy so we are retro-fitting all of our offices to go paperless. “Go Green”

Kids Dental Kare accepts all private insurances, DentiCal & all major credit cards, Financial assistance may be arranged for those with financial need. At Kids Dental Kare, we are your servants providing the highest quality dental care to you and your loved ones.


Kids Dental Kare really cares!

We provide the following pediatric dental services…

Preventive Care
Space Maintainers
Thumb Sucking
White Crowns for Kids
White Fillings for Children
Amalgam Fillings
Cleaning and Fluoride Treatment
Children's Dental Exam
Pediatric Pulpotomies

At Kids Dental Kare we take a unique approach to children’s dentistry. First, our mission is to provide optimum dental care to the communities we serve. Our second objective is to continue growing, which will ensure that we provide jobs and opportunities for career development to doctors and staff within our communities.


Kids Dental Kare’s “F.O.C.U.S.” is to accomplish each and every patient’s dental hygiene need.


This is what we live by:

FoundationKids Dental Kare is built on the foundation of “Care”. It’s the reason for the “K” in Kare. It reemphasizes that caring and kindness are so interrelated.

OpportunityEach time that we meet with a patient it gives us the opportunity to receive the two most sought after word’s that everyone looks for, and those two words are a sincere “Thank You”.

CommunicationWe communicate honestly with our client’s, and we inform them about the processes and procedures they will need; at that point they can make an informed decision regarding their kids’ dental care needs.

UnderstandingThe most sought after human emotion. We understand that our clients have choices for their dental care and we respect and appreciate them choosing Kids Dental Kare. We thank them in words, deeds, and in actions.

SinceritySincerity and genuineness is the gold standard in which all of our employees have to abide by. Our objective has been and always will be to be intimately interwoven in the communities we serve, as ambassadors of goodwill.


This is our promise – a moral commitment that we decide to live by to build patient’s trust and confidence, and that our patients build trust and confidence in us.

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