At Kids Dental Kare, we’ve earned a superb reputation when it comes to the safety of the water we use for treatment. Every year, thousands of parents choose Kids Dental Kare because they know they know we take our treatment water-safety extremely seriously.

We are Dental Treatment Water Safety Certified and use the BluTab system along with regular water testing. We like to consider ourselves water-safety experts with over 20 years of experience. We only use one-hundred percent distilled water for treatment, and, in addition, we consistently flush and sanitize our equipment using the latest non-toxic technologies.

We’re proud to say that our commitment to safety has made us one of the most trusted pediatric dentistries in Southern California. If you have any questions about our water safety process, or how it all works, don’t hesitate to ask our staff. We’d be happy to show you.

Kids Dental Kare: We’re Great At What We Do!

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